Creator Packets:
INKER - PDF format- 3.60 MB
COLORIST - PDF format- 2.24 MB


All year long you've been at the drawing board (or tablet depending on your digital prowess) and you've been grumbling to yourself how you're better than "HOT ARTIST OF THE WEEK!" and your ideas are more original than "CREATOR OF THE MONTH"...well now is your time!
Committed Comics is coming to San Diego Comic Con International so break out your portfolio and JUST BRING IT!

Schedule: TBD

Committed Comics is the only company in SDCC's 40+ history to do the all day portfolio review with the same 2014 Committed's EIC noticed that not that many people were coming for reviews...and perhaps it's because how difficult it is to get badges...and the choice of panels or portfolio reviews. So we decided to spread out our review availability so people who can only get one day badges are still able to meet with us.

Though...Portfolio Review isn't actuall the right term to use...Talent Search is a better description since unlike most companies we're not just looking at portfolios, we're on the active hunt for the next wave of comic superstars.Trust me it's been years since Marvel, Disney, Mattel or DC have acquired any talent from SDCC. So if you wanna show us what you got, just download the packets above (for the position you are interested in) and visit the regular submission page for even more info!

If you are a writer please feel free to leave a packet with samples of your don't need to sign up or wait in line to do that...just drop them at the table to our assistant.

Here are 5 simple tips to remember when you come to a portfolio review
(either for Committed Comics or any company)

  1. Be polite and professional - Each portfolio review is a job interview, so treat it as such.

    When your name is called or you walk up to the booth introduce yourself by giving your name and a polite greating. Also nicknames aren't always the best way to make a first impression (We have heard - "Hello I'm Great Artist Mackdaddy and I want to draw for your company" - 1st impression FAIL!)

  2. Limited Portfolio Samples - Keep the samples in your portfolio to no more then six (6) sequential pages and two (2) pin ups/cover samples. Eight samples should be enough for the reviewer to get a sense of your ability.

    If you have shown your work to us in the past it might be a good idea to have ONE (1) page from your previous submissions to remind Editor in Chief, Thomas Doherty who you are (he has a freaky visual memory)

  3. Keep your work current - Have your most current work is in the front of your portfolio. Having the reviewer see work that is old does not reflect well on your ability and what you can bring to the company.

  4. Have a sample packet - Make sure you have a sample packet to give to the reviewer. In this packet you can include additional samples of your work beyond the suggested eight sample pages. Have a sample packet the editor can take with them! Make sure that your sample packet has your contact information on each page of the packet!

    It is suggested if you have 11x17 artwork to have those copied and folded once so the packet is no larger than 8.5x11. Remember the Committed Crew has to travel and get all the submission packets back to Seattle so having a super oversized sample packet is not the smartest idea!

  5. Buy a portfolio - It sounds silly but over the years plenty of people have shown up to the portfolio review/talent search with a handful of papers in a plastic bag, binder, folder, or even a backpack. Buying a portfolio tells Committed Comics that you are a little more serious then the average person off the street.