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Committed Comics was started back in 1999 to provide aspiring creators access into the comic book industry. Since that time, a bevy of amazing creators have produced comics that are innovating, fun and of the highest quality with us. If you are COMMITTED and love the comic industry then we challenge you to bring your A Game!


Here you can see all the great titles we have available and the cool projects we have upcoming! click on any of the covers above to be brought right to the title.

Think you have the talent to join the asylum?
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Neo Dawn
Scripted/co-plotted by:A. David Lewis
Artwork and Story by:Myrton Bewry
Finishes by:Sheldon Mitchell & Fred Rawles
Size: Standard Comic size, 3 Issue Mini Series

The Time: Sometime during the 23rd Century....
The Place: Neo Chicago, a city inured to high-level corruption and criminal enterprise.

A murder wave has exploded in the inner depths of the city, baffling the police and their corporate masters.
The bodies they found were physically deteriorating and match the description of individuals reported at many crime scenes.

What's happening at Picard Industries? and why should the cities low lifes care? Are they next?

Pick Up the Series HERE!




Written and penciled by: Kensuke Okabayashi
Inked by: Peter Palmiotti
Colored by: Lee Stacy
Size: Standard Comic Size, 24 Pages
3 Issue Mini Series

Neo Seattle, 2073

Imagine a world where 96% of the world's coffee beans are tainted and poisonous. A world where people need coffee and caffeine to physically survive. A world where only the elite and the wealthy can drink coffee like it's water!

Due the scarcity of the beans they have become one of the earth's most valuable commodities. Violence and chaos circles around all things coffee and caffeine related crimes are at an all time high.

Java is part of a government organization called the B.E.A.N. Force that's sole objective is to monitor and protect the remaining coffee beans throughout the globe.

Join Java, Latte, Dr Grind, Micky and the rest of the crew for a wild and wacky ride! GET CAFFINATED HERE!

TALK OF THE TOWN As a devoted comics reader as well as a dedicated coffee drinker, the highly caffeinated exploits of Java! are just my cuppa. Good characters, sharp art, great production and a fun, incongruous premise makes a fine blend of comic book entertainment! - Batton Lash writer/artist of Supernatural Law

This is what happens when you combined Mad Max with a Starbuck's - Rotten Tomatoes

Java comes across as what would happen if some of Marvel, DC, or Image's top artists and writers wrote an adventure story about their coffee break. Not that this necessarily is a bad thing. The rather silly concept is played relatively straight to garner the most laughs. - Mark Arnold -

This is a strange series so far, but the art keeps me reading. Plus the colors used in this issue are very vivid and keep me interested as well. - Michael Hammersky @

...I left with all three issues of Java!, which is a fun/silly action story about a future in which most of the world's coffee supply has been tainted. If it sounds ridiculous, it is, but that's the fun of it. And as a coffee drinker who needs his cup in the morning to function, I appreciate the comic's premise. - Andy Goldman




Committed Comics Presents: Threads

Threads, an experiment with the typical comic book format; A new concept in comic story telling. Three different creative teams per issue... one constant Thread in the book.

So come follow the threads and see where they take you....

That formula turned out some of the most original and inventive stories to hit comics today. Committed Comics Presents: Threads started as the brain child of Editor in Chief Thomas Doherty.

He came up with an original idea to tell one story in 3 separate interlocking chapters, inspired by something called the cadavre exquis (exquisite corpse). When this project was done people were too stubborn and kept calling it an anthology even though each issue was self contained....

The promotional issue had a cover by the lengenday Ron Lim. Having Mr. Lim provide the cover started a long standing tradition of Committed Comics unique blend of professional creators and aspiring talent working side by side.

The first issue of this series is available HERE!. The second issue and special edition are currently out of print.

  • Threads provided the training ground for comic artist Dustin Weaver and Camilla D'Errico to refine their craft.
  • At the time Threads was pubilshed the selection of cover artists showed the progression of talent: the past (Dick Ayers), present (Alitha Martinez) & future (Raymond Thomas).
  • Threads was fully colored and then converted to gray scale using a special process developed by color house; Color Dojo.




Written by: Boe DuRansier
Pencils by: C Wilson Trull
Inked by: Lisa Moore and Eric Lebow
Colored by: Shizue Harrison
Lettered by: Jeremy Parsons
Size: 6" x 9" format, 104 Page Full Color

In a world gone mad, one hero, in a race against time... is really busy doing something else.


That leaves Jackrabbit to deal with the self-proclaimed menace of The Eight Fingers of Mischief. Jackrabbit must run a gauntlet of hilarity to stop an octet of third-rate super villains from achieving their diabolical goal to cause some degree of discomfort and disruption to the world at large.

Next up after "saving" the world Jackrabbit meets the Marvelous Q People and runs into a dangerous punisher. Finally Jackrabbit realizes that you can't get any where if you don't have an Image consultant.

If you like to laugh and love the absurd then click HERE to get your copy of Jackrabbit now!