Confidence Pig


Check out superstar artist, Sean Dietrich’s artbook containing some of his classic pieces and 13 images exclusive to the artbook.

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You will be treated to a visual feast of over 50 pieces of art, 13 of which have never been seen, all presented to you in an oversized 10″x14″ format.

As for the writing, Sean says: “I really wanted to touch base how I built up my career and share those experiences with aspiring artists and students of art.

There really is very little help out there for those looking to go into an art career other than pushing your resume on big companies until you strike it lucky, or you hit on a one in a million idea. I’ll go through the basics on how to sell, price and tour your art as well as talk about the state of originality in the art world today–or lack of!”

So grab a copy of ‘Confidence Pig’ and dive into the art and business of Sean Dietrich.

Hardcover editions were limited to 150 units at time of print and are signed by Sean.

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