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God Among Men

God Among Men

It's always lonely at the top, and no one knows that better than Nick Smith. He is the pinnacle of excellence in almost every way. He is strong, fast, brilliant, but the one thing he does lack is people to share his gifts with.

God Among Men tells the tragic adventure of a boy who just wants to fit in and be like everyone else. What most would call "Normal".

One minor problem, you can't be "normal" when you're a genius and perfect. That is until you figure a way to go back in time and change everything...

An 80 page full color Graphic Novel with a cover by superstar artist Jason Metcalf and Tony Kordos. Story by talented new comer Christopher Tung and interior art by international artist Vitor Gorino, Tiago Teixeira de Magalhaes and Luis Delgado.

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