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Neo Seattle, 2073

A mysterious plague has contaminated the caffeine structure found in coffee by increasing its strength to lethal levels. Infected victims must now be consumed by their fatal addition or face a painful death. Because of that the world has a shortage of "pure coffee beans" and coffee has become one of the earth's most valuable commodities.

Responding to increased pressure the high council , a new coffee law enforcement division has been assembled, the B.E.A.N. Force was created to protect and ensure the transport of safe beans.

Follow the adventures of Java and her crew as she tries to stop the illegal trafficking of "tainted" coffee beans.

Join Java, Latte, Dr Grind, Micky and the rest of the crew for a wild and wacky ride! 

"This is what happens when you drop Mad Max into a Starbucks!" - Rotten Tomatoes


Buy Java by the issue or in the convention pack which contains all three issues with 3 6" x 9" prints (2 art prints and a cosplay print).

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