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Committed Comics

Nira-X: Dark Seas #1 - John Stinsman

Nira-X: Dark Seas #1 - John Stinsman

After a multiverse of temporal adventures, Nira finds herself on a new and dangerous world. Her only friends--two other CyberAngels from her past, trying to make sense out of where they all are now, and the emerging information from a new ally that Nira's father may be alive.

The news sends Nira on a quest across a forbidden and dangerous ocean, knowing full well that the odds are slim that her father is there, but also knowing that there is no choice in the matter.

She may change her mind about that, when she starts running into monsters and foes along the way that recognize her from other time-lines, stopping at nothing to destroy her!

Dark Seas is a new 3 issue mini series of all adventure at her home: Committed Comics!

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