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Committed Comics

Sancho The Committed Mascot Art Series

Sancho The Committed Mascot Art Series

Sancho is the Committed Comics Mascot. You can find him from images on our website to enamel pins to hiding in various comics we have produced and photos of us at shows.

We decided to do something similar to the Draw In Your Style Instagram trend by having the following extremely talented artist rendered their interpretation of Sancho.

Vol 1- Plates 1-5: Dan Feldmeier, Sourbunny, Sara Olsen, Travis Bundy, Kevin McCoy
Vol 2 - Plates 5-10: Jonathan Hallett, Chris Enot, David Miller, Bill Maus, Sean Chen

You can buy them individually or per Volume Set (each set contains 5 prints as listed above).

The prints are 11" x 14" 

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